Brand identity & architecture

Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 4,000 brand messages a day! So brand identity and brand architecture has never been more crucial. Having a differentiated brand, and a framework that your customers understand for organising products within it, requires proper thought. We have the experience to help you implement this successfully.


The demands on people’s time and attention are more intense than ever. Great creative work is imperative to get heard and seen above all of the background noise. Our agri expertise means we can engage with your customers with a tone and knowledge of the industry that non-specialised agencies simply cannot. Meaningful creative that stands out and appeals to farmers heads, hearts and wallets, is what we do.


Great design brings communications to life, and is what will gain attention and leave a lasting impression. No matter what the media, our experienced designers’ creativity and attention to detail will ensure it makes an impact. We can also manage every step of the production process with our supply partners or work alongside yours.

Internal communications

Having all of your organisation actively engaged with real clarity around your culture and what you stand for is absolutely imperative. They need to understand the goals, know the plans for getting there, and be confident about the value of their contribution towards them. Effective internal communication helps achieve this and is something we live by everyday.

Tracta | Champions of Agribusiness - Rural Specialist

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