Tracta Beam (Focus groups)

Tracta Beam is an insightful qualitative rural market research tool that allows clients to engage directly with a panel of specified rural customers in an in-depth discussion for over four hours. All farmers are handpicked according to specification and the session is mediated by an industry professional. We’ve run over 60 of these throughout Australasia, mainly in conjunction with our partner, AgFirst.

In-depth interviews

Some research demands you talk one-on-one with the respondent and take a deeper dive than is sometimes possible in a focus group format. We regularly undertake In-depth interviews throughout rural Australasia and our ag experience means we know how to talk with rural customers. We engage with them on specified topics and obtain valuable insight to inform better marketing and business decisions.

Concept validation

If you want more certainty around whether your marketing efforts have the ability to resonate with the target audience and influence their buying behaviour, concept testing can be extremely valuable. The feedback gained can be used to fine-tune a concept for maximum impact and to get the best bang for your marketing buck.

Brand research

How brands see themselves and how consumers perceive them can often be at odds. Brand research not only helps you to understand your brand’s essence, promise and personality but also how customers interpret it and what elements of your business are valuable to them. Once you have clarity around this, you can develop a brand strategy with confidence.

Our research partners include:

Tracta | Champions of Agribusiness - Rural Specialist

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