Our People

These are Tracta’s champions – a group of highly skilled people with vast agribusiness marketing experience, who care a great deal about what they do. They’re the reason our clients choose us.

Kurt Sandtmann

Managing Director

Kurt’s got dirt under his nails and meta-tags running through his veins. He grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Hawke’s Bay, later moving to Wellington to obtain a Masters degree in digital marketing – before spending 10 years working in digital marketing and activation in Wellington. Kurt is our General Manager who oversees agency operations and marketing strategies for our clients.

Mark Lorrigan

Creative Director

Mark had a dream – to work and live in heartland New Zealand with his family. So after 18 years working for DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi on leading brands including Toyota, VW, Stihl, The Warehouse, Beaurepaires, Watties, Lotto, SKY, Telecom, Westpac, McDonald’s, Cadbury and Mobil, he reckoned it was time. The big smoke’s loss was our gain and he joined us as Creative Director in 2016. His passion for outstanding creative is driven by creating work that generates sales.

Brooke Rae

Media Director

Welcome home! 
After eight years working in media agencies in Wellington and Auckland, heading up accounts for blue-chip New Zealand brands including FMG, BNZ, Fletcher Building and Z Energy, Brooke has returned to her roots in Hawke’s Bay. Brooke knows media inside out and she’s smart; she’s a very strategic thinker, believing that building a solid strategy is at the core of successful communications in a fragmented media environment, and takes great pride in developing this with her Tracta clients.

Rome Walker

Account Director

East Coast for life! Rome grew up on a sheep, beef and cropping farm in Tolaga Bay and this down-to-earth upbringing has translated into a deep passion for food in every sense: growing it, cooking it, eating it, and creating insightful and compelling campaigns for our primary sector clients. With 25 years marcomms experience, Rome brings an in-depth understanding of the consumer end of the food chain to Tracta, which is where her real passion lies.

Andy Walker

Insights Director

Walker 1.0. The original. Despite having Walker 2.0 nipping at his heels, Andy’s personal involvement in farming and horticulture in Hawke’s Bay combined with his 26+ years of experience in advertising, make him an integral part of the Tracta team. His depth of rural understanding is well respected by our clients, and his considerable expertise is always delivered with a healthy dose of pragmatism, humour and in a true, heartland manner.

Tom Young

Senior Account Manager

Tom’s a bit of a banker. After a stint on Europe’s largest breakfast TV show, he spent many years working client side for Egg Banking, Citi and Barclays in the UK. Then his career went to shit (literally), heading up digital projects & new business at Automated Water & Effluent Ltd. He moved to New Zealand at the end of September 2019 and found his way to Tracta where he’s been applying his awesome international experience to our clients. Sorry about the puns Tom!

Danya Vadakkoot

Account Manager

Ask Danya how her day’s going and she’ll answer, “Living the dream”. It’s this tireless cheerfulness that makes her such a great addition to the Tracta account service team. That and her excellent creds and life experience including a BCom in Management and Strategy from the University of Canterbury, an internship at the UN, time spent living in The Big Apple, and a passion for travel and reading. We’re thrilled she chose Hawke’s Bay for her next adventure.

Andrew Barnett

Digital Creative Director

Andrew can plant and harvest crops, lamb ewes and make awesome farm gates – oh, and he’s a hugely talented Digital Creative Director to boot! In addition to his farming pedigree growing up on a Dannevirke sheep and cropping farm, he brings 17 years art direction experience in top agencies in London and New Zealand to the Tracta creative team.

Brian Knott

Art Director

Bri is a rare breed – like an Aberdeen-Angus or South Dorset – so we count ourselves very fortunate to have him in our creative mob. He’s been the powerhouse behind much of the agency’s creative output over the last 17 years, producing campaigns that not only look great but also achieve fantastic results for our clients. If we could clone Bri we would, but there’s only one.

Iain Urquhart

Digital Media Strategist

Iain’s a Feilding boy so it’s no surprise that he’s spent the last 10 years at Tracta as an agri-media specialist. He’s our Digital Strategist and enjoys incorporating new data, analytics and optimisation technologies into a robust media planning approach – the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place. Iain’s a walking digital encyclopaedia.

Amaury Bosson

Media Planner / Buyer

More exotic than a Limousin or Belgian Blue, Amaury brings a wealth of international media experience to the Tracta media team. From working in London with companies such as TripAdvisor, Yahoo and Sojern across markets like Russia, Eastern and Southern Europe, Israel and Turkey, he arrived in NZ in early 2015 with a wealth of experience in display advertising, rich media, video and mobile. After a stint at Exponential (one of the biggest ad networks out there), he found his way to Tracta where he continues to shine – just like the Hawke’s Bay sun!

Bianca Levick

Media Planner / Buyer

In a region inundated by out-of-towners seeking the good life, Bianca is a rarity – a Hawke’s Bay girl, born and bred. Also rare is her ability and determination, moving from an Office Manager role at Tracta into her current media role and handling it like the pro she is. With three kids to wrangle, it’s little wonder she’s super-organised and takes everything in her stride with a bloody big smile.

Paige Thompson

Media Planner / Buyer

Paige might be fresh to Hawke’s Bay, but she’s no newbie when it comes to media planning and buying. Armed with a marketing degree from the University of Canterbury she spent two years in media agencies in London working on blue chip clients like American Express and Exxon Mobil. To say we’re pleased she traded Oxford Street for Herschell St is an understatement.

Marianne Lima

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marianne’s from the tropical Philippines where she spends ample time on her family farm abundant with bananas, lemons and exotic fruits like rambutan and lansones. She’s passionate about anything related to digital marketing, and with her experience working for US, Australia and NZ-based agencies, she’s a master at improving sales and revenue by leveraging powerful digital marketing strategies.

Tim Rhodes

Agency Project Manager

Tim’s an Auckland native, but we’re all about equal opportunities here at Tracta! Plus he’s chosen Hawke’s Bay over his hometown after 15 years working in Europe – and we’re sure glad he has! He brings with him over a decade of project management experience gained from working in photo, digital and traditional print agencies – and he’s building his ag credentials slowly. He’s just planted his first vegetable garden. Small steps Tim, small steps.


Hanna Stanford

Project Manager

Raised in sunny Hawke’s Bay Hanna’s got plenty of vitamin D in her veins, which might explain her bright and optimistic disposition. She greets every challenge with a smile, including taking on a new role as Project Manager at Tracta remotely during a worldwide pandemic! Fresh out of study, Hanna graduated from EIT with a Business Studies degree with a double major in Marketing and Management. That’s convenient. 

Jeff Park

Digital Designer

Jeff is our international man of mystery. He’s a Pusan (South Korea) native and has lived and worked in Korea, China and now Napier, New Zealand. What isn’t a mystery, however, is his huge talent and the understanding of Asian markets that he brings to the Tracta creative team as a Digital Designer specialising in digital and web design and motion graphics. Jeff’s international experience includes work for blue-chip clients like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Triumph.

Kristen Curran

Graphic Designer

Kristen’s no stranger to rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty – she grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Dannevirke – and as a member of the Tracta creative team, she demonstrates her ‘get stuck in’ attitude every day. Her talent as a Graphic Designer is unquestionable and her thorough understanding of bringing brands to life is demonstrated on every project.

Gen Caird

Office Manager

Gen’s the glue that holds Tracta together. Superglue, really. As Office Manager she keeps the business running like clockwork, and with a background in accounting and finance she’s a dab hand with the numbers too. She’s lived in Melbourne, Auckland, Christchurch and Rangiora, but has returned to her family roots in the Bay, where her Dad’s family were sheep and venison farmers.

If you think you’d fit with us, drop us a line and attach your CV. Thanks.