A lot has changed since IPF last communicated to Australian horticulture growers almost 25 years ago. In an industry crying out for understanding and partnerships, agricultural brands are continually getting it wrong by only focusing on products and offers. IPF wanted to raise awareness and develop a partnership with growers to demonstrate the true value and support that IPF brings to this industry. Tracta was engaged to help IPF reconnect with growers by creating the Horticulture Heroes campaign, showcasing some of IPF’s true “heroes”, as their team’s combined knowledge and expertise is what sets IPF apart in a very commoditised industry.

The campaign targeted both existing and new customers by engaging with growers to showcase IPF’s people, products and depth of knowledge. A dedicated microsite was built, supported by print and digital media and developing a social presence for IPF on Facebook and Twitter. A giveaway promotion enabled data capture for IPF to start engaging with growers and to establish relationships based on trust and expertise.

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Social media videos

Campaign landing page

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